papa c: sweep sweep.

And so continues my papa c and mama c series. Papa c is my crazy dad, and mama c is my crazy mom. My parental units are first generation immigrants. They are annoying but wonderfully cute and endearing. They are hard working but quirky. I love them with all my heart.

This is going to be a weekly, ongoing series on my blog about the random and lovable and personal anecdotes from the lives of my parental units. This is not to make fun of them but to actually record my fond memories of them. Hope you grow to love them, too.

As much as I don’t want to move back in with the parental units, it looks like I will be doing so in the near future. Last July, I was fortunate to move out to a really charming area of Los Angeles — my sister and I were just able to pay the exhorbitant rent on our home on our really cute street. We thought we’d be moving in amongst the hipsters since my area is gentrifying…but it seems like we live on the only street in our entire neighborhood that has solely grandmas and grandpas. It’s quite all right; they watch our house for us when we’re gone :) I vowed never to move back in with my parents but my sister’s allergies to Mr. Bates are just too brutal. Super sad to end this era/chapter of my life but super excited for what’s to come.

Something that I will kind of look forward to when moving back is waking up to my dad’s sweep sweep~ sweep sweep~ sounds in our driveway. Papa c is meticulous and super anal about keeping the exterior, driveway, and front yard of our building clean. Every morning while I was living with my parents, I woke up to the sounds of him sweeping. My friend N saw him doing this when I quickly dropped by for a visit a few weeks back. She cracks up every time she thinks of my dad because she saw the literal, spitting image of what I’ve described to her in words. It’s a weird quirk that I’m quite fond of.

Papa c loves to keep our apartment clean — there is no doubt about that. He is the epitome of a great manager, and he’s set the standard high for any rentals I may view in the future. He may be a hovering, nosy hawk with his tenants…but at least I know he cares.

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