regular programming.

Hi blogosphere, I’m back.

Sorry for the tiny hiatus. We’ll be back to regular programming with the “papa c/mama c” series and the “breaking down walls” series tomorrow and Friday — I didn’t write them on their usual days last Friday and Monday, oops. I had a lot of events these past few days, which included:

- Saturday: our last LoFe Community Group – we had a celebration BBQ for the last 4 years of wonderfulness
- Sunday: got commissioned at all of my church services for my upcoming short term missions trip
- Monday: attended the Top 20 reveal show taping (and 200th episode!) of So You Think You Can Dance
- Tuesday: took a day trip down to San Diego

Super amazing events in very different ways. I am so excited for things to come for all the members of my CG. I am so excited for missions and to travel Europe in a different light. I am so excited for this season of SYTYCD (which airs tonight, btw). I was so excited to see old faces in SD yesterday. All of these were huuuuuuge blessings.

I know I am blessed in many ways. A lot of prayers are being answered in the midst of chaos, and for that I am extremely grateful. For one, my insomnia is finally letting up…I think. I still get up at 5:30am but that’s because Mr. Bates wakes me up so he can go pee. But by that time, I’ve gotten a full 7 or 8 hours of sleep, which is wonderful. I even went back to sleep and woke up at past 8am the other day — CRAZY! For another, I’ve started to crate-train Mr. Bates so I can have a life without doggie again. I’m sure, as a rescue, his separation anxiety will never go away, but at least I can start going back to bikram yoga and/or the Korean sauna again. And see friends at dog-unfriendly restaurants ;)

On another more random note, my bathtub is clogged and it is super annoying.

I’ll be back tomorrow with regular programming. Enjoy this amazingly beautiful SoCal day (for those of you who live here)!

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