bulletpoints friday.

- My neck froze up in the shower yesterday morning, and now I’m out of commission. I can’t move left/right, lift my head, lay down, or drive without extreme pain/discomfort. I’ve always had neck problems, but this immobilization only happens 1-2x a year. I dread these moments, and yet, I know that this forced rest is good for me. I’ve been on the go, and my NYC trip tired me out. I know that days like today, when I can do seven million loads of laundry, a ginormous pile of dishes, and surf the web with puppy c in my lap…these are the days that I am most grateful for.

- Speaking of puppy c, he’s been having so many accidents lately. I’ve been toting him back and forth between the parents’ home and mine, and I think it’s confusing him. Poor guy. He’s snoring at the moment.

- I leave for my first short term missions trip in a few weeks. What am I doing to prepare? I’m resting.

- I still need recommendations for Ireland, by the way. How come everyone and their mom has been to Scotland but not Ireland?

- Taking a day trip to San Diego next week. Really excited to see old faces, take in some ocean air, and you guessed it: rest.

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