breaking down walls: my friend L.

And so continues the Breaking Down Walls series. I’m really passionate about changing perspectives and making people stop and think. I truly despise the walls that we, as a society, build up around and against each other; stereotypes and prejudice are hurtful and should be eradicated in my humble opinion. A true but sad fact of life is that we’ve learned, from a very early age, to build up such walls. I hope I can penetrate some of these walls by bringing light to such situations. I hope this series will help me to process why these walls exist and open up your mind as you follow my blog posts.

As of late, I’ve been fortunate to have time to meet friends at coffee shops. Coffee shop dates are my absolute favorite. Recently, I met up with my friend L at Peet’s. L is a strong and beautiful Asian American woman who’s currently seeking another career — hopefully one that is more creative rather than corporate. L and I don’t know each other very well. We were in different circles at church, and we’re also 15 years apart in age. L and I knew of each other though because we started attending our church around the same time. I am so happy to say that I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve with L on our church’s welcoming team this year. Only through the past month have I discovered what a truly remarkable woman L is.

Because of my story that I shared back at the beginning of May, L decided to open up and be vulnerable and courageous in telling her story to me. On the outside, L is gorgeous, has an amazingly fit body, dresses well, had a very good looking boyfriend…pretty much the perfect package. But we all know that that’s never the case, right? Perfection is never attainable. And who decides what “perfect” really is? On the inside, L was tore up. She courageously shared with me that she battled with bulimia for 10 years. Wow.

All this time, I thought L had it together. I mean, she looks so put together! And though I didn’t know her, I judged her. I judged her because she had a boyfriend that was way younger than her. It surprised me to know that it was through this younger man that she came to really face her bulimia head on…and through him and through His grace, she has been healing for the past two years. Her story and many of my girlfriends’ struggles with eating disorders shows me that we have to start breaking down these walls of image that our world and culture projects onto us. I hate what the media portrays to young women everywhere — that you MUST have x, y, and z for you to be attractive and lovable. I am so thankful that L broke down the wall between she and I…she is a walking testament that eating disorders can be beat. Thanks so much, L. Love you and continuing to pray for you, dear friend.

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