nyc highlights: the subway.

Because I’m traveling so much this year, I wanted to start a sporadic travel series on my blog. This series will have 3 categories: bites, sights, and highlights. Enjoy!

Whenever I travel to NYC, I look forward to taking advantage of the city’s legendary subway system. I am a lover of all things public transportation with the exception of shady looking creepers. Just now, I exited the 5 Express train heading uptown. I rode the train at 1pm, but I noticed something strange about this ride. There was a complete lack of conversation; in fact, if there were no loud train track noises, then I believe it would be pin drop silent in there. Everyone was either napping (probably from lunch break food coma), reading, listening to music, or staring into space. I was people watching, as I normally love to do while traveling.

As the train was nearing my exit, I hear a voice of a young boy start saying, “…and fight! You. Fight!” He wasn’t very loud, but his voice seemed to pierce the “silence” of that train. After a man moved out of the way, I saw that I was sitting across from this boy. Turns out that he was probably a 2nd or 3rd grader and he was providing commentary to his Lego Star Wars’ characters as they were having an imaginary battle in his lap. It was absolutely darling. Totally in his own world. He started singing nonsensical lyrics like, “kick your faaaaace, kick your face~~~” to a tune that I was unfamiliar with. It seemed like I was the only one on the train that was having a kick out of this boy’s random antics. I was thoroughly enjoying the performance.

It seemed, however, that everyone else on the train — native New Yorkers I assumed — was clearly annoyed. Nobody had a smile on their face. In any case, I was so thankful for this little boy’s complete lack of self awareness. I wish adults could be more like that! Thanks little Star Wars lovin’ boy. You made my day.

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