papa c: as puppy’s grandpa.

And so continues my papa c and mama c series. Papa c is my crazy dad, and mama c is my crazy mom. My parental units are first generation immigrants. They are annoying but wonderfully cute and endearing. They are hard working but quirky. I love them with all my heart.

This is going to be a weekly, ongoing series on my blog about the random and lovable and personal anecdotes from the lives of my parental units. This is not to make fun of them but to actually record my fond memories of them. Hope you grow to love them, too.

Last week, I had to drop off puppy c at his grandparents’ — my parents’ — place while I ran some errands. My parents already decided to call themselves “harabuhji” and “halmuhni” (“grandpa” and “grandma” respectively in Korean) when referring to their relationships with Mr. Bates. I think it’s super endearing but also kind of creepy. Hahah, I mean I fully recognize that they’re nearing the age where they’re requesting grandkids from my sister and me. Hell to the no, that is not happening anytime soon.

Puppy c is only 9 months old. In a matter of 3 days, I taught him “sit” in both English and Korean. Yeah, I know — I’m pretty baller like that. He also knows “come here” pretty well when he’s indoors. When I picked him up from my parents’ place, my dad let him off leash and thought puppy c would automatically come to my side. Nope, not the case. Mr. Bates started running WILD around this new neighborhood with new sites to see and new things to pee on. I was chasing him like mad, and even fell and bruised my knee…all because my dad lacks grandparenting skills. Sigh. It freaked my dad out that his precious puppy could’ve ran away. I yelled at my dad for a good 5 minutes. It also freaked me out that I was so motherly to this dog…and I wondered how I would be as a parent to a human child. Ugh, it’s so weird that I can’t even think about it for more than 30 seconds.

Anyway, papa c felt really bad and therefore bought my puppy 10 rolls of doggie poop bags over the weekend. Amazing. At least I save monies in the pooper scooper department :)

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