Mr. Bates took me on a walk at 5:53am this morning. I’d like to think that life is unfair while he snores away on his designated Korean blankets in the corner right now. But I have so much love for this pup that I can’t blame him for his inadequacies to hold in his pee. I would like to join in on a morning nap, but alas, I know that I’m meant to blog. Otherwise, the moment will pass me by, and I cannot let it pass me by.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity, and I can’t seem to catch my breath. At 5:53am today, the Lord was poking at me to process again. He’s asking me to slow down and to really watch my pace as I begin so many new endeavors in my life. It’s all very exciting, but I need to slow down.

Reflecting back on this past year, I can’t help but to be abso-freaking-lutely thankful. 2012 has been a year of incredible growth and incredible pain, not just for me but for many around me. Personally, I’ve started to shed a lot of toxicity in my life, and it is just so painful. I’ve observed relationships start to crumble. Or maybe they’ve been crumbling all along throughout the years. I’ve seen other relationships flourish, blossom, and grow. I’ve become more aware of myself — my failings but especially my strengths. But above all, I know that Someone’s hand is over the intricate, menial, and minute details of my life. As much as this year has been utterly crazy, my heart is full. I’ve experienced true joy and continue to feel it daily. I’ve never been able to say that, and I know that He is good.

Your mercy flows like a river wide,
and healing comes in Your name.
Helpless children are safe in Your arms.
There is none like You.

The path is wide if you let Him make it wide. There are so many open doors, but you have got to be the one to walk through them. Doors will close, but they may swing wide again if you let them swing wide. I was blessed to witness that this past week.

I know that He is good. I just know it.

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