papa c: dogsitting puppy c.

And so continues my papa c and mama c series. Papa c is my crazy dad, and mama c is my crazy mom. My parental units are first generation immigrants. They are annoying but wonderfully cute and endearing. They are hard working but quirky. I love them with all my heart.

This is going to be a weekly, ongoing series on my blog about the random and lovable and personal anecdotes from the lives of my parental units. This is not to make fun of them but to actually record my fond memories of them. Hope you grow to love them, too.

This morning, my dad called me at 6:22am. This is AMAZING. He never calls me. My sister and I very aware that our dad is rather hands off and our mom is overly hands on in our relationships with them. So to receive a call this morning was quite surprising…but not. I knew that he would be calling about Mr. Bates. And sure enough, he called me to ask if I had walked puppy c yet.

…what? Are you serious? You’re gonna call me and wake me up to ask if you could walk my dog?!?!

Papa c called me to ask about my doggie and not about me?

Psh, figures. I’m not bitter at all.

So in order to maximize dogsitting time, I asked papa c if he could watch puppy c while I did some errands this morning. I came back home 2 hours later, and he was irritated. He said outright, “I am not your babysitter.” And he left in a huff.

Psh. I’m just glad he’s a little more hands on in my relationship with him…indirectly, but still. I knew getting a puppy would be a wise decision!

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