and so it begins.

Dear friends and potential friends :)

On May 6, 2012, I spoke in front of approximately 1500 people. 2/3 of them were strangers. 1/3 were acquaintances. A handful were friends, those I consider family.

Since then, a whole can of worms has opened up: people started to divulge their secrets, their hurts, their pains, their real life struggles to me. I didn’t know how to receive it all, and I was on emotional overdrive for days; I think I’m still on overdrive actually. I was so sad for a lot of my friends who shared their deep, deep struggles with me. I was so sad for the strangers that courageously decided to tell me things they’ve probably only shared with a select few in their life…or maybe not. Maybe they’ve kept it to themselves. It was like I was a real life PostSecret. My heart was slowly–nay, quickly–breaking.

I am and always will be a lover of stories: sad ones, happy ones, just not boring ones :) And though I am open to hearing your personal stories, please do understand that I am not a trained, licensed therapist or clinical psychologist. In fact, I only took Psych 1 at a community college this past semester (which was fascinating, btw). So I’m not here to give you advice if you are seeking professional help. This blog is going to be my outlet, my medium, my place to try to hash out a lot of the what if’s and why’s of this crazy thing called life. It’s beautiful and painful, but it is just that: it is life.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes, I firmly believe in honest communities of broken people, but I also strongly believe that there is glory in the ashes and joy amidst the darkness. This is my blog. I want to discuss topics that affect me personally, but I also want to show pretty pictures of things I love and food I eat. You’ll soon discover that I’m a foodie — no longer can I consider myself a FIT (Foodie In Training). I love travel. I love design. I want to talk about hipsterdom and WHY I’M NOT A HIPSTER haha. I love talking about Asian American identity. I love discussing this amazing thing called grace and the journey of being Christian. I absolutely love breaking down walls and stereotypes.

You won’t agree with me on everything. That’s okay. I probably won’t agree with you either. Or maybe I will? We’ll see!

But I do want to stress something here and probably in future posts: it’s okay to not be okay. It’s taken me a long time to plant that truth in my heart.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Hope you’ll join me on the ride :)

P.S. Not all my posts will be this long, I bromise. And the layout will be prettier soon, too!

5 thoughts on “and so it begins.

  1. Just wonderful Annie!! I haven’t seen you in forever!! Maybe we should catch up over coffee or something! But I am glad to see you venturing out and helping others through your blog. <3 Best of luck in all that you do! I'm sure you don't need it! ;)

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