Inspired by my friend’s revival of her own blog, I just felt the need to post on mine. It’s nice to write from time to time, and even if nobody freaking cares in the universe about what I write, at least I have a record of what I felt/knew/learned in this particular season of life.

Today’s life lesson is quick: refuse to let toxic people ruin my day, enter my life, attack me, and take advantage of me.

It is so hard to love broken people. Myself included. I had such an intense weekend, and loving people was hard to say the least. Someone attacked me emotionally/mentally and somewhat verbally, and it was at an inappropriate time and place. Because I’m so physically exhausted from launching a business, my emotions are crazy heightened and my threshold for bullshit is nil. And through this entire process, I realized that protecting myself–EXTENDING grace to myself–is necessary. I’m protecting myself, yes, and not extending grace to this particular person, yes. It’s hard. It was a hard weekend.

What I know in my heart of hearts is that Jesus walks alongside me. He holds my hand, grieves with me, and is my friend. And that is the beautiful Gospel truth.

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