Hi blogosphere.

First post of 2014 and it’s kind of a downer, kind of not. Last time I came to check this blog out, my spammy comments were at 1,500. PSHHHHHH, not even worried about that number anymore. Try 18,000.

My heart’s been heavy as of late — so much so that it feels like it’s going to explode. It’s been whirlwind after whirlwind for the past twelve months. Growing up / being an adult / being responsible / figuring out life / figuring out myself…I guess it just doesn’t stop. My relationships have suffered because of major life decisions in the past year, and I feel a guilt weigh upon my shoulders. And yet, I don’t feel like that guilt is necessary. Giving myself space and giving others space is a steep learning curve, and I hope there’s forgiveness in that space.


Yet, I can’t help but be blessed by the little (big) moments. Today as I was stewing in my complaints (and trust, today was a ginormous struggle), one of my favorite little customers burst in unannounced to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day and to give me a gift. It was truly, truly sweet and brightened my otherwise crappy day. And no, it’s not crappy because it’s VDay. Not even one bit.

Happy Valentine’s Day, world. Spread a little love, be a little kinder. The world needs more of that.

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