entitled beezies & gratitude.

I am so tired of entitled bitches. I try to live my life by treating mean individuals with fairness (“kill them with kindness”) but in certain cases, attitude begets attitude. SIGH!

The other night, I had the great pleasure of coordinating a super fantastic art deco-themed wedding. My friend, J, is one of the most organized wedding planners out there. I love, love, love working with her. Despite the slight hiccup in the morning when a homeless person stole some of our belongings inside a Catholic church, the day went pretty smoothly. I loved the reception venue, Noor Restaurant, and at the end of the night, I made sure to thank the waitstaff. The co-captain of their team said that it was the first time a coordinator has ever thanked her staff.

…wow. That made my heart swell. Bad days will come, but good days overshadow the bad days these days by miles and miles. I know I’m doing something right with my life.

On a super amazing (narcissistic) and positive endnote, some of my favorite places to eat in LA are now following me on the Twitters and Instagram!!! I feel kind of cool. Holler @CoolhausLA, @link_n_hops, and @55_degreewine!!!!

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