oh life.

I have 11 minutes left of my dinner break before I have to go back into work. I witnessed a DTR (for those not in the know, that acronym stands for “Defining/Determining the Relationship”) at work about 30 minutes ago and the girl looked super annoyed. Oh snap.

Life is funny like that. I was on the receiving end of this twice now in the past few months. The encounter described above seems comical but not when you, yourself, are going through it, whether it be for a friendship or something romantic. My dear friend M told me that my heart’s healed before, and it will heal again. But why does my heart have to be broken in the first place? I’ve said it before: relationships are a tricky, tricky thing. They play / mess with / deal with emotions. Sometimes relationships are truly wonderful, God-given gifts of grace. Like my friends M, S, N, A. Thankful for them; would die for them. And sometimes relationships are tough, painful, but worth it just the same.

Oh life. You are funny. But I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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