“don’t take it personally.”

Ever hear this piece of advice?:

“Don’t take it personally.”

It’s something I hear often because I do take things personally. And for some reason, I take that very phrase, “don’t take it personally”…personally. I think that’s just how I’m wired. I’m working on growing a thicker skin.

Today, after eating lunch solo, I was hurrying back to the rest of my afternoon plans. I passed by 3 volunteers soliciting people on the sidewalk — 1 male, 2 females in their late teens to mid-twenties. I told the guy, “Sorry, I normally do these things” as I walked swiftly past him. As I was walking away, he said out loud, “I don’t believe you.”

…excuse me. What?

I turned around with an obvious look of disappointment/scorn/disapproval, and one of the girls apologetically said, “it was a joke.” And the guy saw me again and with a smile on his face, he tried to wave me over. I said back to them, “I actually don’t like that comment,” and turned around.

I didn’t know what cause they were supporting. I fully recognize that they get ignored numerous times a day, but his comment really went under my skin. Don’t assume that I don’t do my part. It might have been a joke, but in my opinion, it was of poor taste.

I could just let it go. And I will. I won’t take it personally.

One thought on ““don’t take it personally.”

  1. OH HAIL NO. “Don’t take it personally” can not be applied in this situation. That lil f*cker was trying to sell a product and he failed. Regardless if it’s for a cause or tickets to a Dodgers game, you don’t convince people by being rude. He’s obviously in the wrong line of work and probably doesn’t believe THAT much in what he’s rallying for–HE’S A RUDE HIPSTER WHO GOT CUT OFF BY HIS PARENTS AND NEEDS MONEY. Oh that just irks me so much!!!!

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