this is how we do it.

It rained in Los Angeles yesterday and today. I think it’s amazing when there’s simultaneous sunshine and falling rain on our lovely streets. Even though I’m normally not a fan of rain, I was happy to see LA’s clean streets and just having a feeling of general cleansing overall. It was a funky week for me. Snow-capped mountains always leave me in awe, too. I guess it still is winter, even though Daylight Savings is sneaking up on us this weekend.

After I had my morning coffee, I was bumpin’ KDAY 93.5 in my car. Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” came on and I was rockin’ out to it — it’s one of my fave old school hip hop songs. While I was listening to it, I pulled up at a red light. On the corner was a homeless man, probably in his 30′s. I’ve been waiting to give out a $5 McDonald’s giftcard that I’ve been carrying around for a while in my purse. “What a perfect opportunity!” I thought. I rolled down my window and asked the man if I could give the giftcard to him. In the gentlest voice (I wasn’t expecting such a pleasant-sounding voice for some reason), he said thanks and “God bless you.” I said “God bless you” back. He waited until the light turned green and waved as I passed him.

I know we’re not supposed to brag about our giving. But this small moment of connection made my heart swell. It was a moment of acknowledgement. A moment of “I see you.”

This is how we do it. Maybe this is how we are to love.

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