ever wonder.

Little things led me to wondering today.

Ever wonder if a seemingly insignificant detail would result in something significant?

My inkjet printer has been leaving little splotches on my printed documents for a while now. It’s been quite annoying, and I finally hunkered down and researched how to fix it. I thought cleaning the print heads would work but I didn’t read the caveat: cleaning the print heads would absorb ink. Caution: do not clean print heads if you are low on ink.

I was low on ink. I no longer have ink to print documents. (Good thing I ordered another ink cartridge a few days ago!)

The small detail of printer ink led me to do a chore I’ve been avoiding for a while now. My teeny tiny closet has been bursting with unworn clothes, and I’ve been meaning to cull through to see if I could sell any of it. I finally did so! Subsequently and thankfully, some of my articles of clothing were bought and I happily did a jig in my head.

And then through all of this really mundane life stuff, I realized that it’s the little things and chores and duties and events that make up life. It may be boring and may not bring fulfillment, but sometimes it’s got to be done. A friend I met for lunch yesterday said, “life is too short to be stuck.” Even carrying out life’s daily tasks means moving forward.

Stupid printer (insignificant) –> realizations about life (significant). Huh.

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