february musings.

I haven’t done a bulletpoint post in a while. Here’s what’s on my mind lately:

- I sprained my ankle last week. It’s like I have one major injury a year, and it’s super humbling every time it happens. I had gone on a hike for two hours earlier that day, but of course I didn’t sprain it in the mountains. Instead, I stupidly tripped over myself at home. I heard a pop, pop, pop when I fell, and the result is a fatty bruise that extends from my ankle to my toes! Being immobile / limping around everywhere is frustrating, and times like these make me thankful for my good health. I really wanted to work out last week and couldn’t. Today I tried doing an arm and upper body workout but after 20 minutes, my ankle started hurting…just for standing on it during the workout. WAH. I’m also thankful that I have family members in healthcare so that I’m able to walk after just three days…but I still have discomfort.

- My sister had to get a smartphone for work today. It was a momentous occasion. I had the option to upgrade, but I will hang to my dumbphone until it dies…and then use my sister’s old dumbphone as a replacement.

- When monies start rolling in again, should I a) buy a bikram yoga package or b) invest in my Roth IRA? Grown up decisions; first world problems.

- I’m starting to get impatient.

- Friendships that fade for no good reason still make me pretty sad.

- Beers + Korean Fried Chicken + Korean tacos + extended family time this weekend was surprisingly refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. Twas a blessing I didn’t expect.

- I’m in the market for a coffee grinder. Do y’all have any suggestions?

- Only a month until spring (my favorite time o’ year!)! The thought makes me a happier lady.

- During funemployment, everyday is a holiday. Happy President’s Day, friends!

2 thoughts on “february musings.

  1. 1) YOU STILL HAVE A DUMBPHONE!? People need to recognize all that you’ve endured and praise you.
    2) Korean Fried Chicken.. yum.
    3) Hi.

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