2012: my gap year.

So the world didn’t end! I knew it!

At every year’s end, I find myself reflecting back on the year’s events and what has happened in my life. Today marks the anniversary of a huge decision that happened exactly one year ago. Can’t believe an entire year has gone by — it’s both crawled along and flown by simultaneously. The days are long but the years are short.

In no particular order, this is what I did this year. I:

- started this blog.

- got my first perm.

- got into bikram yoga (wish I had more monies to continue).

- did a desk exchange program at a local dance studio (in exchange for my first Zumba classes!)

- asked a boy to coffee.

- adopted a puppy! Mr. Bates is one of the coolest, cuddliest dogs in the world.

- went whale watching for the first time.

- held my first garage sales.

- took Psychology 1 at a community college (a course I regretted not taking in undergrad) and loved it.

- attended dear friends’ weddings.

- started a journey towards better health.

- traveled a lot. I traveled domestically to Portland, San Diego, Santa Barbara, New York, and soon to San Francisco. I traveled solo to Costa Rica. I traveled to Europe (Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland) and to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia).

- went white water rafting for the first time and went on an extreme tarzan swing (exhilarating!).

- held a taco man party in our backyard for sister’s birthday.

- went on my first missions trip to the Netherlands.

- went to many concerts: Frozen Planet at Hollywood Bowl, Pixar in Concert, Dudamel & Yo-Yo Ma, Norah Jones, Fun., Mumford & Sons.

- successfully contested a speeding ticket.

- tried new jobs/careers: promotional products/marketing, event planning for a non-profit, wedding coordinating.

- gave my testimony in front of all three services at my church (approx. 1500 people). Scariest day of my life.

- met incredible people.

Maybe I’ve bitten off more than I could chew. There were a lot of firsts and a lot of travel and a lot of playing. This list is not to brag/boast of my achievements but to remind me of the many, ridiculous, amazeballs, grace-filled opportunities that I’ve been presented and I’ve seized. Praise God for that. In times of stillness (i.e. anxiety), I want to look back to this list and shed the myth that “I’m not doing anything with my life.”

2012 been my gap year: the year to explore and travel and take risks and see that I can do this. Going through this list of events reminds me that I am fully delighted in, no matter how much anxiety and doubt and fear fills my mind. There are still so many “I don’t know”s in my life, but that’s okay. This year has trained me, hopefully, to run the next marathon that presents itself.

There is much to be thankful for. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

2 thoughts on “2012: my gap year.

  1. this made me smile :) i’m soo glad your year has been filled with soo many amazing events! can’t wait to see next year’s end-of-the-year list :) merry Christmas, annie!

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