shopping malls.

Southeast Asia — in fact, I’m pretty sure all of Asia in general — has huge shopping malls. My sister and I were perusing one of the biggest shopping malls in Bangkok (called MBK) during our first few days in Thailand…and we ended up getting lost finding the exit. These shopping malls are absolutely massive! During our time in Southeast Asia, we ended up going to too many shopping malls whether it was to eat, to escape the heat, to escape the crowds. We swore that if we never saw a shopping mall again, we’d be perfectly content.

Sad to admit, but we only lasted a week. Our local Target is in a shopping mall (dammit)! We needed Q-tips and toothbrushes amongst other toiletries after traveling for so long. The holiday season is the worst time of year to go to an American mall. I did all my shopping for gifts in Asia so at least I don’t have to beat that crowd… but I’d still be content if I didn’t have to frequent the mall for the next few months :)

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