the year of loss.

Six months ago, a friend lost her father to a heart attack. Yesterday, another friend lost her father to cancer. Six months ago, I attended my first funeral as an adult. This Friday, I will attend another one…I didn’t expect to attend one so soon. My heart and thoughts and prayers go out to these girls whose dads died too young.

I don’t understand why this year is the year of loss. There have been one too many deaths. Too many broken relationships. Too much grief. All this grief and loss really shifts priorities into perspective.

In all honesty, I woke up irritated this morning that my parents unlocked our front door and walked in with breakfast. Yes, boundaries were crossed, but I also remember thinking, “why am I annoyed? They brought food with smiling faces. They just want to see their daughters and their pseudo-grandchild (Mr. Bates).” My parents are loving people, and I know that I have my own issues with them that I’m working through. Today I want to cast those imperfections aside and appreciate who they are and that they’re alive. Whenever older people say that life is too short, I never quite get what they mean. But it’s true: our life here is not everlasting, so tell the ones you love that you love them today. It’ll count.

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