reverse culture shock.

I got back from my 3.5 week trip yesterday at 9am. My sister and I traveled 2 weeks in Thailand, 2 hours in Myanmar, 5 days in Laos, 6 days in Cambodia. We were on the Obama tour, heh. This was my schedule of travel for the last 2 days of my trip:

Friday (Cambodia):
- Check out of hotel at 12pm.
- Cafe hop for 5 hours. Go stir crazy.
- Check in at Phnom Penh International Airport at 6:30pm. Go stir crazy.
- Hop onto Thai Airways (GODSEND) for an hour flight to Bangkok.
- Arrive in Bangkok at 9:45pm. Pick up luggage, go through immigration and customs.
- Check in (re-check in luggage) for flight to Shanghai and Los Angeles. Note: I hate large groups of Asian tours. In any country, including the USA, I hate them.
- Wait until 2am. Go stir crazy.

Saturday (Thailand/China/Los Angeles):
- Hop onto China Eastern Airlines (HORRIBLE) for a 4-hour flight to Shanghai.
- Arrive in Shanghai at 7am. Pay for a ridiculously expensive meal because PVG airport sucks.
- Wait for 6 hours. Charge my iPad. Go stir crazy.
- FINALLY hop onto last 10.5-hour flight to LAX. Watch 2 movies that took a week to download over spotty SE Asian internet.
- Arrive in Los Angeles at 8:15am! Go through immigration and customs (side notes: immigration people at LAX totally power trip. Although the lady that ended up being yelled at was a total crazy person at the baggage carousel…so who wins? I don’t know. Customs guy asked us which country we liked best and which animals we liked best. Answer: Laos and baby tigers in Thailand).
- Get picked up at 9:30am! After eating some Korean porridge, HOME SWEET HOME.
- Commence sleeping on and off for 30 hours after the past insane traveling of 30 hours.

After almost a month of heat and humidity (90 degrees Fahrenheit + 100% humidity), it was a shock to walk through fog last night and this morning while walking Mr. Bates. To add onto that, we’re in full-blown Christmas mode in Los Angeles. Seeing Christmas lights after weeks of “Hello lady! Tuk-tuk?” is a bizarre transition. Listening to KOST 103.5′s month-long of Christmas songs after weeks of early 90′s American pop music is also a weird change.

I have 20,000+ spam comments on this blog. Geeeeez.

I have more thoughts about Southeast Asia. But I’m gonna say it now, loud and clear: I am spoiled in Los Angeles, and I am grateful to be back.

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