a simple hi.

Oh hi, October. When did you creep up on me?

It’s hit over 100 degrees in Los Angeles this week. I find that to be incredibly…stifling. I normally don’t want to complain about this great city because there are enough haters out there…but C’MON LA WHY YOU SO DAMN HOT?! Let it be autumn weather already! No more of this Indian summer business.

In other news, today I saw Donald Glover and Sandra Oh at one of my favorite bakeries, Proof Bakery. I was sharing breakfast with some great friends. Great pastries, great company — this combination alone trumped the celebrity sightings.

Yesterday, a friend wrote “hi” to me on my Facebook wall. A simple hi goes a long way. It made me feel loved. All it takes is 1.2 seconds to type out those two letters. Maybe an additional 2 seconds to type a : and a ), my favorite emoticon.

So to you and yours: hi. Extending that greeting to you today.


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