minorities on sytycd.

In anticipation of one of my favorite summer tv shows ever, I’m posting some of my personal favorite auditions from last year’s So You Think You Can Dance. Season 9 premieres tomorrow night, and I am SUPER EXCITED. I love SYTYCD. Something I really appreciate about SYTYCD is that minorities, especially Asian Americans, absolutely thrive on that show. Quest Crew, one of THE BIGGEST all-Asian hip hop dance groups has danced on the show, and several of their members have gone pretty far in the semi-finals. I LOVE Quest. I have a teeny crush on Victor Kim, just saying.

When I worked at the SYTYCD offices a few years ago (worked on another show, not on SYTYCD itself), I saw Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer, in person. He’s so baller that his license plate says SYTYCD, can you believe it? I just wanted to hug him, though, because I love that he roots for any amazing dancer, no matter what color their skin is or what their background is. It’s humbling and inspiring.

Enjoy the following videos. My personal favorite is Patty Anne Miller.

Quest Crew on SYTYCD Finale

Hero McRae, SYTYCD Season 8

Patty Anne Miller, SYTYCD Season 8

Melanie Moore, SYTYCD Season 8 Winner

Update: Oh, boo, I’ll have to figure out how to embed the videos themselves into WordPress. Blogger is so much simpler?!

2 thoughts on “minorities on sytycd.

  1. i freaking LUV Alex Wong ;) Just sayin. Last season, Marco was pretty impressive too, though my favorite auditioner (saw it live in downtown LA) didn’t seem to make it past Vegas week (boo). She was southeast Asian too.

    • I saw Alex Wong in person at a Season 8 taping. He was in the audience. He is quite short, which was very disappointing. But still good lookings, ha!

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