Excerpts from a recent post from The Church of Facebook, a great blog that I follow:

Taking Ownership

And ownership – as I’m slowly, painfully, awkwardly learning – is what life’s all about.

- Owning the stuff I’m proud of and the stuff I hope to the Good Lord Jesus no one ever finds out about.
- Owning (and not downplaying) my gifts and talents while simultaneously owning up to the fact that there are certain things I just plain suck at (and not trying to pretend otherwise).
- Owning the fact that my choices really do have impact on others; locally and globally.
- Owning my desperate neediness for a savior, a redeemer, a forgiver, a lover-of-me-no-matter-what.
- Owning my “belovedness” (a frou-frou sounding word that one could spend a lifetime mulling over).

Be Free

But auto-correct doesn’t exist for our life choices. And we don’t need it. Ownership trumps auto-correct.

So be free. Be the beloved. Take ownership of your life. Take a good look at your story-so-far and say, “I sure screwed that part up” or “That’s something I did really well!” Then let the God who has a massive, mind-blowing crush on you breathe new life into what lies behind you so you can enjoy today to its fullest and dream with hopeful anticipation about all your tomorrows.

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