breaking down walls: monsters calling home.

And so continues the Breaking Down Walls series. I’m really passionate about changing perspectives and making people stop and think. I truly despise the walls that we, as a society, build up around and against each other; stereotypes and prejudice are hurtful and should be eradicated in my humble opinion. A true but sad fact of life is that we’ve learned, from a very early age, to build up such walls. I hope I can penetrate some of these walls by bringing light to such situations. I hope this series will help me to process why these walls exist and open up your mind as you follow my blog posts.

Monsters Calling Home is a band of Asian American twenty-somethings that sing awesome, awesome, awesome music. Like Far East Movement, I hope they gain popularity and shine light on the brilliant Asian American talent that’s out there. There is a severe lack of mainstream Asian American talent; I’m not talking about YouTube stars (though I love some of those folks too). On a personal note, I love MCH’s gospel-centered lyrics.

This past week, they got their big break on a national late night talk show. You go break down those walls, Monsters Calling Home!

The first video below (“Growing Up”) is from almost a year ago. I just realized that I blogged about them before because I loved how their lyrics resonated with me. The second video (“Fight to Keep”) is from their big break on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hope you enjoy!

Monsters Calling Home – Growing Up from dchae on Vimeo.

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