of the heart.

Before I go to sleep, I just had a thought that I wanted off my chest:

Relationships are a tricky, tricky thing. They require much of the heart — of mine and of yours. They’re tiresome and the dynamics change. As I get older, I’ve become more aware of people I can be in quality relationships with and those that I absolutely cannot. What is the cutoff point though? Is it fair to ever say that enough is enough? Perhaps cutting off ties is healthy in the end.

On an entirely different note, the spam comments on this blog are getting out of control.

Good night, world. More thoughts next time.

2 thoughts on “of the heart.

  1. Yes, you can say enough is enough with any friendship. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known or how close you once were. If that person becomes toxic, then you need to end the friendship. Sadly, this will happen more than once until only your true friends remain. That’s why most people in their 30′s/40′s don’t have a lot of friends.

    Btw, likin the blog :)

    • Aw thanks for liking my blog, Jenn! :) And yes, I agree that some friendships are seasonal. It’s the long friendships that hurt the most when it seems like they must end.

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