“you look weird…but that’s okay.”

Puppy c went to the dog groomers today and came back with a weird Korean haircut — closely shaven with a poofy face and poofy tail. He seemed quite stressed when we went to go pick him up. He immediately fell asleep in mama c’s arms on the ride home. (side note: I hate fleas. Thanks to his haircut, I found and killed SEVEN fleas today. Ugh, time to flea bomb the house.)

When I took a closer look at puppy c, I told him, “You look weird…but that’s okay. At least you smell nice.”

I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately. I’ve been trying to pinpoint the reasoning for weeks — not days — and I think it has something to do with what I define as “normal” in my life. What is my normal? When exactly do I become okay with my normal and therefore comfortable? It’s a neverending process.

We may look nice on the outside — smiling, happy, “smelling nice” — but all this turmoil may be broiling under the surface. We’re afraid to strip down to who we are — in our own skin — just because people may think we’re weird. But you know what? It’s okay if we’re weird. Learning that in this season of life.

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