edinburgh highlight: argyle backpackers.

Because I’m traveling so much this year, I wanted to start a sporadic travel series on my blog. This series will have 3 categories: bites, sights, and highlights. Enjoy!

Before I went to Europe, I was a little weary of booking hostels. I mean, my friend H refused to book any hostels on her Eurotrip because she’s deathly afraid of bedbugs. But because I was traveling solo, I wanted to meet people on my trip. I used Hostels.com to find highly rated places, and I knew I didn’t want a party youth hostel. I stumbled upon Argyle Backpackers in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Access to/from Argyle Backpackers is through The Meadows. How gorgeous is this?

Entrance to Argyle Backpackers

Beautiful staircases

Greenhouse in the garden patio

(Last two photos taken with Instagram. Follow me here.)

Argyle Backpackers was quaint, cute, and comfortable. It had clean showers, lockers, and a garden patio to enjoy when it wasn’t raining. I think the place used to be a huge house rather than a ho(s)tel…and thus meeting people felt like meeting family. All in all, it was the perfect place for my first solo hostel experience. Plus I met some pretty amazing folks. Chiara, Andrew, Hilde: this post is dedicated to you!

Argyle Backpackers
14 Argyle Place, Edinburgh, Scotland. EH9 1JL

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