bulletpoints friday.

- Went to The Rescues concert at Hotel Cafe last night. See video above to listen to one of their newest tracks, “Arrow” — I love them, I love them, I love them. I love that my friend D introduced me to them last December at the exact same venue. Back then, I didn’t know their songs but was instantly struck by their lyrics. Yesterday, I sang along as an avid fan. Also, they freaking rock for following me on the Twitters.

- I was supposed to write a very important blog entry this morning at a coffee shop. Instead, I have a deadline for online traffic school today. And it’s timed. Blergh. Blasted. Bah!

- So instead, I’m writing this update on my life while watching little hummingbirds come to my newfangled hummingbird feeder that’s dangling from my porch awning. Thanks so much N for the gift! I love watching these little guys flit, flit around. Okay, I guess traffic school is a teeny bit more bearable right now.

- I’ve been going to yoga classes this week to fulfill this crazy Groupon that expires on October 1st. Went back to bikram for the first time in four months because my class package at my local studio expires in three weeks. Went to my first spin class ever. Spin class is brutal and kind of miserable. My body is aching like crazy, but I know it’s good for me.

- WOOOOOOOOOOO just saw that the traffic school due date is not THIS month, but next! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

- Elasticity and seasons. I’ve got to remember that I won’t get stuck, and that this is only one part of who I am.

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