dublin highlight: georgian doors.

Because I’m traveling so much this year, I wanted to start a sporadic travel series on my blog. This series will have 3 categories: bites, sights, and highlights. Enjoy!

I didn’t expect Dublin, Ireland to be so fun. The Irish are a great bunch o’ folks, and they definitely know how to party. The Irish are hyperbolic storytellers but there is kindness in their eyes despite their long and sad history. Besides loving Irish people, I really fell in love with Irish doors. Strange, but true. I was drawn to the amazing array of colorful Georgian doors throughout the city of Dublin. Well, apparently so had others because there were “Dublin Door” calendars and postcards for sale at every touristy souvenir shop in the city. I photographed my own little collection (displayed above). I just absolutely loved this design aesthetic — adds a pop of fun in your daily routine.

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