facebook status.


first six months are the hardest, right? as i cross the three-month threshold (midway point already, woot!), this is what i’ve learned:
- i will have super mental blocks if i work seven days a week
- i am willing to pay someone to do whatever i can’t get myself to do
- i’ve learned a lot but i know i have still more to learn
- i have to give myself grace, i have to give my staff grace
- something will break everyday. and i must stay zen about it. ?#?newbizownerhazing?
- i miss weekends and my pup
- i’m proud of myself for making time to have a life outside of my small biz
- self care is very important
- accounting and HR are the worst
- i still hate phone calls
- i still will have longass fb statuses to process
- multiple chin emojis are my jam and give me much joy in life
- the people are what get me up in the morning. every single damn day.
- new mercies are what get me through. every single damn day.