Sometimes you need to pay extra employees to have three afternoons off in a row. Because sometimes your brain has super mental blocks against super simple things. And waking up at 4:45am has stopped becoming a natural thing.



This week. I’m so over it.

Sometimes I wanna be like fuck you and fuck off and then I realize that I’m entitled and selfish just like other people.

Can’t deal with attitude today though. Just so over it.

it’s gonna be may.

I’ve been seeing the Justin Timberlake meme all over the social mediaz today:


And thank God it is. Who knew April would be such a crazy month? Not just for me but for a bunch of my friends & fam. There was some weird juju in the air for sure.

I love May because it’s a special month for my fam. Two birthdays, Mother’s Day, parents’ anniversary, anniversary of the day I rescued my pup. A month of celebrations.

But little did I know that this particular May would be especially insane. I have two employees quitting within the first two weeks, and I will be leaving my shop for an entire weekend by itself (under the care of one of my most trusted friends & employees). But honestly, I need that weekend off to be in nature and to be with loved ones. I’m stoked.