a conscious decision to be joyful.

It’s too easy to complain. But let me complain really quickly: it’s been a shitastic past month, not gonna lie. But I’m always reminded during these not-so-great times that it’s okay to not be okay.

Since it’s so easy to complain, I’ve made a conscious decision to be joyful today. It’s not easy living a grace-driven life, but that’s what I’m called to do. I’m really thankful that some of my regular customers at work give me little gifts of grace that break up my week. Here are a couple of Facebook statuses that I’ve put up lately…I hope these instances encourage you as much as they’ve encouraged me:

“um favorite: my fave french grandpa customer just told me gratuitous & wise life advice:

‘grab every moment. grab what life gives you. if you love someone, tell them “i love you.” fear is terrible. time flies. grab every moment.’

:’) wise words for all.”

“my fave elderly customer came in today. his presence already makes me so happy, but instead of just leaving a tip at the table, he drops $1 in the “Barista Teeth Whitening Fund” (tip jar) & says, “a little something for the kitty at home.” :’) ENDEARING!!!! made my day.”

Hm, I think there’s a theme: endearing & elderly customers make me so heppies. Happy Monday, blogosphere.