Excerpts from a recent post from The Church of Facebook, a great blog that I follow:

Taking Ownership

And ownership – as I’m slowly, painfully, awkwardly learning – is what life’s all about.

- Owning the stuff I’m proud of and the stuff I hope to the Good Lord Jesus no one ever finds out about.
- Owning (and not downplaying) my gifts and talents while simultaneously owning up to the fact that there are certain things I just plain suck at (and not trying to pretend otherwise).
- Owning the fact that my choices really do have impact on others; locally and globally.
- Owning my desperate neediness for a savior, a redeemer, a forgiver, a lover-of-me-no-matter-what.
- Owning my “belovedness” (a frou-frou sounding word that one could spend a lifetime mulling over).

Be Free

But auto-correct doesn’t exist for our life choices. And we don’t need it. Ownership trumps auto-correct.

So be free. Be the beloved. Take ownership of your life. Take a good look at your story-so-far and say, “I sure screwed that part up” or “That’s something I did really well!” Then let the God who has a massive, mind-blowing crush on you breathe new life into what lies behind you so you can enjoy today to its fullest and dream with hopeful anticipation about all your tomorrows.

bad habits.

My not-so-favorite favorite bad habit: cracking my neck.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I can’t not crack my neck. It feels good when I crack it but the immediate sense of relief is quickly overtaken by pain. I think this is what addiction feels like. Ugh, do any of you crack your neck? How do you stop? Or how can one stop?

I have days when my head feels so lightheaded from cracking my neck that I can’t seem to stay in conversation with people. And these days I can’t turn my head fully to the right. Yoga should help as should acupuncture…but both methods seem like temporary fixes. Sigh, I want to stop but I can’t stop.

What are some people’s bad habits? And if it’s no longer a habit, what helped you to stop?


Currently babysitting..I’m enjoying a quiet moment while little D naps.

Simplicity is clutching onto your favorite blankie and Buzz Lightyear figurine in one hand while napping on the couch next to the cleaned up puddle of your own pee. Such is life, such is bliss.

breaking down walls: monsters calling home.

And so continues the Breaking Down Walls series. I’m really passionate about changing perspectives and making people stop and think. I truly despise the walls that we, as a society, build up around and against each other; stereotypes and prejudice are hurtful and should be eradicated in my humble opinion. A true but sad fact of life is that we’ve learned, from a very early age, to build up such walls. I hope I can penetrate some of these walls by bringing light to such situations. I hope this series will help me to process why these walls exist and open up your mind as you follow my blog posts.

Monsters Calling Home is a band of Asian American twenty-somethings that sing awesome, awesome, awesome music. Like Far East Movement, I hope they gain popularity and shine light on the brilliant Asian American talent that’s out there. There is a severe lack of mainstream Asian American talent; I’m not talking about YouTube stars (though I love some of those folks too). On a personal note, I love MCH’s gospel-centered lyrics.

This past week, they got their big break on a national late night talk show. You go break down those walls, Monsters Calling Home!

The first video below (“Growing Up”) is from almost a year ago. I just realized that I blogged about them before because I loved how their lyrics resonated with me. The second video (“Fight to Keep”) is from their big break on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hope you enjoy!

Monsters Calling Home – Growing Up from dchae on Vimeo.

of the heart.

Before I go to sleep, I just had a thought that I wanted off my chest:

Relationships are a tricky, tricky thing. They require much of the heart — of mine and of yours. They’re tiresome and the dynamics change. As I get older, I’ve become more aware of people I can be in quality relationships with and those that I absolutely cannot. What is the cutoff point though? Is it fair to ever say that enough is enough? Perhaps cutting off ties is healthy in the end.

On an entirely different note, the spam comments on this blog are getting out of control.

Good night, world. More thoughts next time.

papa c: an entrepreneurial spirit.

And so continues my papa c and mama c series. Papa c is my crazy dad, and mama c is my crazy mom. My parental units are first generation immigrants. They are annoying but wonderfully cute and endearing. They are hard working but quirky. I love them with all my heart.

This is going to be an ongoing series on my blog about the random and lovable and personal anecdotes from the lives of my parental units. This is not to make fun of them but to actually record my fond memories of them. Hope you grow to love them, too.

We celebrated papa c’s birthday over the weekend. Both papa c and mama c look so young for people in their 50′s (huzzah Asian genes!), and so I joke every year that they’re celebrating their 39th birthdays…again. As we were driving to his birthday dinner, papa c and I were talking about his business endeavors in America. I think I inherited an entrepreneurial spirit from my dad. These days, I’ve been bragging about papa c’s first business to my friends: a traveling grocery store! He told me that he had an ice cream truck that turned into a mobile market. Papa c would take down orders from the people on his route — 1 dozen donuts here, a 12-pack of soda there. The truck would have a 4-5 hour route in the same neighborhoods everyday…and then he’d do the route again before heading home.

A traveling grocery store…truly revolutionary for his time, methinks. The only reason why he stopped that business was because the truck broke down. And then it was onto bigger and better things.

“you look weird…but that’s okay.”

Puppy c went to the dog groomers today and came back with a weird Korean haircut — closely shaven with a poofy face and poofy tail. He seemed quite stressed when we went to go pick him up. He immediately fell asleep in mama c’s arms on the ride home. (side note: I hate fleas. Thanks to his haircut, I found and killed SEVEN fleas today. Ugh, time to flea bomb the house.)

When I took a closer look at puppy c, I told him, “You look weird…but that’s okay. At least you smell nice.”

I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately. I’ve been trying to pinpoint the reasoning for weeks — not days — and I think it has something to do with what I define as “normal” in my life. What is my normal? When exactly do I become okay with my normal and therefore comfortable? It’s a neverending process.

We may look nice on the outside — smiling, happy, “smelling nice” — but all this turmoil may be broiling under the surface. We’re afraid to strip down to who we are — in our own skin — just because people may think we’re weird. But you know what? It’s okay if we’re weird. Learning that in this season of life.

edinburgh highlight: argyle backpackers.

Because I’m traveling so much this year, I wanted to start a sporadic travel series on my blog. This series will have 3 categories: bites, sights, and highlights. Enjoy!

Before I went to Europe, I was a little weary of booking hostels. I mean, my friend H refused to book any hostels on her Eurotrip because she’s deathly afraid of bedbugs. But because I was traveling solo, I wanted to meet people on my trip. I used Hostels.com to find highly rated places, and I knew I didn’t want a party youth hostel. I stumbled upon Argyle Backpackers in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Access to/from Argyle Backpackers is through The Meadows. How gorgeous is this?

Entrance to Argyle Backpackers

Beautiful staircases

Greenhouse in the garden patio

(Last two photos taken with Instagram. Follow me here.)

Argyle Backpackers was quaint, cute, and comfortable. It had clean showers, lockers, and a garden patio to enjoy when it wasn’t raining. I think the place used to be a huge house rather than a ho(s)tel…and thus meeting people felt like meeting family. All in all, it was the perfect place for my first solo hostel experience. Plus I met some pretty amazing folks. Chiara, Andrew, Hilde: this post is dedicated to you!

Argyle Backpackers
14 Argyle Place, Edinburgh, Scotland. EH9 1JL