2012 london olympics.

I am back in the States! Yesterday, I returned from my 15-day trip to the Netherlands, Scotland, and Ireland.

But that doesn’t matter for the moment. Because today is the day. Today marks the beginning of the 2012 London Olympics.

Jetlag, I welcome you with open arms (not really) — you and this newly acquired sore throat will allow me to watch the Olympics in all its glory. Excited. EXCITED!

Will be back with travel stories soon.

first day in scotland.

It rains sideways in Scotland.

I left the Netherlands yesterday to go on a little rendezvous to Scotland and Ireland. I arrived in Edinburgh this morning only to be greeted with buckets of rain. I walked out of the plane onto a river of a runway. Hm, maybe wearing flip flops wasn’t the greatest idea, ha. Normally I’d be bummed about encountering rain during travel, but I’m so deadbeat tired right now that an afternoon indoors is actually quite wonderful. 

After a week of solely Armenian food in the Netherlands, I needed some variety in my diet again. I loved Armenian cuisine, but I needed to spice up my life again…literally. Hungry after a morning of travel, I went to a Malaysian restaurant that I had passed by on the way to checking into my ridiculously cute hostel in Edinburgh. I was seated by myself on the other side of the restaurant all by my lonesome…and it was GLORIOUS. The food was exactly what I was craving. I even asked for hot/spicy sauce in the hopes that they’d have Sriracha. They had something better: legit sambal! The chunky type of Sriracha is actually commercialized sambal…which I believe is a Southeast Asian spicy sauce. Dericious!

My server at the restaurant was a Malay student. We started chatting about our backgrounds and it turns out that he’s a college student here in Edinburgh. I asked him for a coffee shop recommendation…and he suggested Peter’s Yard, an indepedent coffee shop just around the corner from the restaurant. I’m typing this blog entry from the ridiculously cute shop right now. 

Anyway, he said I was brave for wanting to start a business. Funny enough, my hostel roomie (from Taiwan) whom I had just met an hour earlier said I was brave too. What? Is it really that gutsy of me to open a shop? The Malay student wanted to open a bar in the future, and I encouraged him to do so. Most people want a beer or two from time to time. 

It made me really think about starting big projects in life. People have big dreams but most never follow through. They might not have the means. Or courage. They may not even have the faintest idea on how to start. Dreams come and go, but it is the tenacity of risk-takers that push them forward towards executing their dreams…or in my opinion, it takes faith and lots of it.

Cheers, Edinburgh!

travel hiatus.

Hi faithful bloggettes.

I’ve missed two papa c/mama c posts as well as two Breaking Down Walls posts.
I think this goes to show that there are other things on my mind.

That being said, I will be taking a hiatus from right now through the end of July. Why, you may ask? Because I will be going to the land of the tulips, the land of the Guinness, and the land of the Scotch Koreans! There may be a post here or there, but be prepared for some travel stories when I return.

Until then, expect that I will come back with a sexy Scottish accent.


event planning.

When you take a break from your regular blog series posts, the scheduling turns all wonky and you can’t seem to get back into the groove of things for a while. I think that’s why Type A people loooooove schedules, routines, appointments, and the like. Once Type A folks break the cycle, they freak out. I’m trying to get back into the groove of things again, so my regular Monday papa c/mama c post is going to be rescheduled to tomorrow or Thursday.

Over the weekend, I coordinated a wedding. A couple of months ago, I tried professionally event planning for the first time as the gala coordinator for a non-profit organization. That experience was a crazy trip. Being a gala coordinator was tough, but I think I excelled at it. It was high stress but definitely worth it. Sixteen-hour workdays are never fun in any industry, but events are especially tiring. I’ve learned that you have to allow yourself time to recover, rest, and relax after planning events. Wedding planning was never on my career agenda, but my dear friend J gave me the opportunity and I knew I couldn’t pass it up. She needed a day-of coordinator since she was in the bridal party; she planned everything for the wedding prior to the actual day. I’m happy to say that it was an awesome experience, due to the fact that my friend is A RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING WEDDING PLANNER. I love her. I love that she is so crazy organized and on top of everything.

Things that I’ve learned through planning this one wedding:

1. Bridesmaids and wedding planners should always wear dresses with pockets. So useful!
2. Though wedding planning is not my forte, it is an amazing way to meet new and awesome people. Potential friends in the making.
3. I realized that I talk a lot. But I’ve also realized that if you want to be a successful event planner, you kind of need to love to talk.

The end. I think event planning will be my side gig from now on. It’s totally my jam!